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Welcome to Systemic Lens

We believe that a better workplace leads to better outcomes for individuals and communities. That's why Systemic Lens was founded - to help organizations perform at their full potential. Our core belief is that by addressing the root causes of recurring patterns and blind spots, we can create a better world, one team at a time. Our systemic leadership principles guide us to uncover the unseen and provide actionable insights that lead to growth and transformation. Let us help you unlock your organization's potential and make a positive impact in your community and beyond.

About Systemic Lens

At Systemic Lens, we're on a mission to help people and organizations transcend trauma and maximize their potential.

Our founder, Chris Lolies, spent 15 years in corporate life, including 11 years at Amazon corporate. But he knew there was something more he could offer to help unlock the potential of organizations and teams. Drawing on his vast experience working in various roles across different teams and organizations, as well as his passion for systemic leadership, Chris founded Systemic Lens in 2022.​


At Systemic Lens, we believe in identifying patterns within organizations and teams to help them perform at their best and remove any blockers to development. We apply a framework that focuses on truly understanding what is holding an organization back, with curiosity and non-judgmental acknowledgment of what is, to help move it forward. We're dedicated to expanding the awareness of what wants to be revealed for the betterment of the whole organization and team, utilizing systemic leadership principles. Our goal is to help unleash the true potential of organizations and teams, one step at a time.​Chris's expertise doesn't stop there. He's also extensively studied psychology, spirituality, business, family and organizational systems, health, mind, and body. He's learned directly from some of the most respected names in the field, including Jeff Bezos, Andy Jassy, Guruji Maharaj, Tony Robbins, David Taurek, Michelle Blechner, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Suzie Tucker, Byron Katie, Jan Jacob Stam, Adyshanti, Stephan Hausner, Master Co, Donny Epstein, Abraham Hicks, and Keith Cunningham.

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Maximise your potential. Reveal your blindspots. Create lasting change.

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