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Family Constellations

Family constellations, also known as Systemic Constellations, find their origins in the work of German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the late 20th century. Drawing inspiration from various therapeutic modalities, including family therapy, psychoanalysis, and group dynamics, Hellinger developed this innovative approach to address the intricate dynamics within family systems. The core concept behind family constellations is that unresolved issues and traumas from previous generations can profoundly impact individuals in the present, leading to repetitive patterns of behavior and emotional challenges. By exploring and healing these intergenerational influences, family constellations offer a unique pathway to profound personal transformation and systemic healing.

Family constellations are a therapeutic process aimed at exploring and healing family dynamics and systemic issues. Through symbolic representation, participants gain insights into hidden dynamics within their family systems, leading to a deeper understanding and potential resolution of long-standing issues. It is a transformative approach that offers accelerated healing and profound personal growth.

In a family constellations event, participants have the opportunity to delve into their own traumas and challenges within a supportive group setting. Led by experienced facilitator Christian Lolies, this transformative journey allows individuals to navigate relationship issues, addiction, health concerns, and more. By representing family members or symbolic elements, participants gain a fresh perspective on their family dynamics and uncover hidden influences that may have shaped their lives.

Christian Lolies, an esteemed facilitator in family constellations and systemic coaching, brings a compassionate and knowledgeable approach to the process. With extensive training under leading experts in the field, Christian creates a safe and nurturing environment for participants to explore their family constellations and embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

As a facilitator, Christian guides participants through the principles and practices of family constellations, providing a solid foundation for the transformative work ahead. With deep respect for the ancestral lineage, Christian incorporates ancestral meditations that connect participants with the love, strength, and wisdom of their ancestors. This connection invites blessings and supports personal growth as attendees embark on their unique path to healing.

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